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Visiting an online casino in Malaysia is undoubtedly a popular pastime among many Malaysians, and if you are finding your way around i8.BET for the very first time, then you are in luck.

i8.BET online casino Malaysia offers four categories of games, including slots, sports, lottery, and of course, the online casino. It’s all you can ever ask for if you are looking for a good time. Each category of our online casino games comprises more than a dozen variations, with different themes, gameplay mechanics, and so on. You’ll never have to go a day without worrying about what you are going to play next.



To gamble online and have a better chance of winning, focus is key. One way of improving your focus is to take regular breaks. Taking breaks in between can help improve your judgement and focus, allowing you to make more informed wagers.

iBET Game Introduction-Live Casino

Live Casino

i8.BET Online platform offers you high-quality
games in our live casino such as AG, BBIN, W88.

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iBET Game Introduction-Slot Game

Slot Game

If you like online games such as slots or poker,
you can play in i8.BET S888 and MG platform!

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iBET Game Introduction-Sportsbook


i8.BET popular sport betting platform iBIT SPORT and
ISPORT will give you the excitement of sports betting!

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iBET Game Introduction-Lottery


4D is definitely the most popular game in Malaysia.
Enjoy them including lottery and KENO in i8.BET now !

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Online Gambling Guide

Responsible Gaming

i8.BET maintains a strong commitment to provide our customers with a responsible gambling environment. Although gambling should be enjoyed as a recreational activity, it can nevertheless also cause a problem for a minority of customers. i8.BET aims to prevent compulsive usage and underage access to its online games while simultaneously providing a friendly and entertaining gambling experience for its customers. As a responsible operator, the well being of the i8.BET’s customers is of utmost importance.

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