17 Actionable Tips for Choosing The Right Live Online Casino to Help You Generate More Bonuses and Cash Winnings Today!

17 Actionable Tips for Choosing The Right Online Casino to Help You Generate More Bonuses and Cash Winnings Today!

With so many online casinos it’s not easy choosing the best one that’s not going to take all your money, or worse yet cheat you in your game winning payouts.

So the other day the i8.BET team was talking about ways to help new online betters transition smoothly from live physical casinos to online digital ones.

But we wouldn’t be the i8.BET team if we didn’t also tell you how to get the maximum amount of bonuses and cash right from registering at your favorite live casino (We hope we’re your favorite and right online casino in Malaysia ;).

And this week, we want to do our part to shatter any fears or doubts about playing games inside online gambling websites.

Below are 17 easy tips that can be done today to get more bonuses and cash when first starting out.

So what are you waiting for? Start getting into these tips so you can start playing and winning.

1. Check This One Thing First, Before Playing in Any Online Casino

Check This One Thing First, Before Playing in Any Online Casino

Some would think that most online gambling platform have been around for a while, and will always pay out winnings, but it’s not always like that…

The average lifespan of a live online casino is about 2 years max.

A good online casino should have the following two things before you start playing.

  1. The online betting gaming platform is complete and running for More than 2 years.
  2. Willing to learn from the feedback and opinions given by its members.

As a result, if a casino can continue improving its platform and learning from members’ opinions, a win-win situation, in the form of bonuses and prizes are inevitable!

2. What Kind of Reputation Does Your Online Gambling Website Have?

What Kind of Reputation Does Your Online Casino Have

You can find legal casinos online with good reputations by using search engines or browsing your favorite live gambling information websites, like i8.BET.

Here are a couple ways to spot a reputable online casino :

A. Legal Online Casinos

  • Offer their gaming licenses freely and in plain view for all to see
  • Have terms that comply with the audits and rules of the fair online gaming associations

B. Illegal Online Casinos

  • Don’t have very proficient gaming systems on their website
  • Don’t have very much advertising or banner ads around the Internet
  • Don’t make it easy for you to find their “gaming” license or don’t have one

Keep your data and money safe by checking these quick elements, between legal and illegal, before you start playing.

3. Don’t Play at a Live Casino Without Checking Security First – Keep Your Money Safe to Keep Winning That Cash

Keep Your Money Safe to Keep Winning That Cash

We know, you want to jump right in and start winning everything you can, we get this feeling too, but it’s best to check your casino’s security certificates first, before you hand over your credit card information.

It can be quite easy to lose a lot of money before you find out that you’ve been cheated, so pay special attention to the tips below.

So, how can you enjoy gaming when you’re not sure if your money and personal information are secure?

Well, we’ll tell you, a safe casino will:

A. Possess a gaming license issued by an official gaming association or a government organisation.

B. Have a reputable system which is regularly audited and supervised by an independent auditing firm.

C. Use end-to-end encryption that encrypts all your personal transactional data.

D. Use SSL encryption to ensure the privacy and completeness of data between servers and browsers. You can check the URL to see if it contains https and is marked safe.

4. This is How You Ensure A Safe and Fair Online Betting Gaming Environment

How You Ensure A Safe and Fair Gaming Environment

Data security is another issue of importance to take note of before you choose the right online casino.

You should be on the lookout for data leakages before you enter your personal or credit card information.

These two features are a must for trust:

A. Check for the encryption badge on data added into the system

B. Check for fair draws and a gaming system that guarantees players can play in a fair environment

If you don’t find any of these things in your casino, then you should probably look for another that will respect your data and privacy.

You’ll have to check and see if the online casino you’re playing at is blacklisted or not.

You can do this by looking in the about section of any casino website you’re at, where more than likely they’ll proudly display their license for all to see.

If you see no sign of a license anywhere on the website, then we would say look for another casino to place your bets in.

5. Where Does Your Live Casino’s Gaming License Come From?

Where Does Your Online Casino’s Gaming License Come From

Just like the lifespan of an online casino, yours should also be accredited and licensed by a recognised gaming authority.

Some of the less reputable ones online, over the years, have cheated players with illegally modified games, rigged to be unfair.

Players were also unable to withdraw their winnings and had their credit card information stolen to be used for other nefarious online activities.

When choosing the right casino, look for these things:

A. The live casino is endorsed and licensed by a third-party supervisory authority.

  • Casinos with a gaming license equal genuine security.
  • To get the license, they have to undergo an examination by the authority.
  • An inspection includes fairness of the games, stability of the currency transfer system, and much more.

B. The table below shows the countries that can issue licenses and the names of the licensing authorities.

Area Country/Region English Name of the Licensing Authority
Asia Phillipines PAGCOR
Oceania Austhttp://www.pagcor.ph/index.phpralia Australian

Capital Territory – ACT Gambling and Racing Commission

New South Wales – New South

Wales Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing

Northern Territory – Licensing


Queensland – Office of Liquor

and Gaming Regulation

South Australia – Independent

Gambling Authority

Europe Alderney The Alderney Gambling

Commission (AGC)

Europe Austria IGA
Europe Belgium The Gaming Commission
Europe Estonia Estonian Tax and Customs


Europe Gibraltar Gambling Commisioners
Europe Isle of Man Gambling Supervision


Europe Italy AAMS (Amministrazione Autonoma

dei Monopoli di Stado – Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies)

Europe Malta Malta Gaming Authority
North America Kahnawake Kahnawake Gaming


Central America Belize The Belize Computer

Licensing Board

Central America Costa Rica Minister of Interior and Police
Central America Curaçao & Netherlands


Curacao eGaming
Central America Dominican Republic Department of the

Dominican Ministry of Finance

Central America Panama Panama Gaming Control


6. Discover Why Online Betting Promotions Help You Win More Cash and Prizes?

Promotions Help You Win More Cash and Prizes

You would think someone would inform you when there’s a promotion…but you’d be wrong in assuming that.

Always be on the lookout for time sensitive and fast mover promotions or bonuses at your online casino.

In addition to your registration bonuses, you can win more cash and get more prizes when you catch the promotions in time.

A. Game and Prize Promotions are Held at Certain Times

Here are some things to look out for:

  • Do they offer welcome bonuses?

If they don’t, then we don’t think they’d even be in business. Typically if they’re an online casino they’ll have welcome bonuses.

  • What is the minimum bonus without deposit?

Bonuses without deposits will usually give you free cash of RM18 ($4.30) to RM30 ($7.16) upon registration. You also should take note of the minimum rolling requirements, if there are any.

  • What is the minimum bonus with deposit?

Bonuses with a deposit should net you 50% to 100% of your deposit amount. Anything more than this and it might be too good to be true.

Watch out for websites that could scam you. You now know what’s good, so we’re sure it isn’t going to be a problem for you ;0).

  • What’s the minimum rebate bonus?

You should look for between 0.75% to 1% depending on your total rolling amount you get in the games.

Anything more is probably a scam.

  • Another tip: take note of the terms and conditions on your bonuses.

Usually these are in the form of minimum rolling requirements that only let you withdraw your winnings when you achieve a certain amount or multiples of placed bets.

  • You also need to be aware of bonuses that are too good to be true. There is a lot of scamming these days, promising huge bonuses but don’t payout when you actually win money in casino games.

B. Promotions Are Usually Held During Special Occasions Like Christmas, Chinese New Year, Halloween and More.

Usually during these festive times of year you’ll find better bonus deals that increase your odds of winning more, as well as attractive cash bonuses. If you lose less during these times, you’ll get better limited-time rebates as a result.

  • During these times you could get a bonus of free Cash up to RM888 ($212) or more, and deposit bonuses of up to 200% and rebates of up to 1.5%
  • And believe it or not, you can get more awesome gifts and extra bonuses than you can in physical casinos.

There are larger jackpots, seasonal contests and lucky draws to win luxurious prizes more often.

You never know, you might drive home a sports car or win the latest limited edition designer bag by playing during these special times.

7. Read The Terms and Conditions in Detail

give a shit about the rule

Terms and Conditions can make or break your take home winnings, if you’re not careful to read everything in them before you start making deposits to play.

  • Especially be aware of the rebate and bonus terms, which will tell you the do’s and don’ts of playing and receiving your winnings.
  • On some occasions players have had disputes with casinos’ online because they didn’t fully understand the terms before playing, or worse yet, the casino they were playing in was a scam and cheated people through the fine print of the terms.
  • Always ask yourself, “what’s the catch?” when you see a shiny huge bonus calling out to you to play.
  • Any casino worth it’s weight in Gold will also answer any questions you have right over the phone, 24 hours a day, about the terms and conditions you have to abide by.
  • For the best possible live casino experience, always go with trusted names in the industry.

In the section below we’ve given you some examples of terms and conditions for i8.BET live casinos (every online casino’s terms are different), and we crunched the numbers, to make it easier for you to get started today.

Take a look:

A. Free Bonus Minimum Rolling Requirements

When players agree to receive bonuses (free cash or deposit bonuses), there’ll usually be a minimum rolling requirement that a player must achieve / fulfill in order to withdraw their winnings.

For example:

You might be interested in this bonus below:

  • You’ll receive a 100% Deposit Bonus when you have a minimum rolling requirement of 15 times.

With a deposit of RM100 ($24), you’ll be awarded a bonus of an extra RM100 ($24) from the casino. You now have a total of RM200 ($48) to bet.

Then, you’ll need to fulfill a minimum of 15 times rolling requirement of that amount, so 15 x RM200 ($48) = RM3,000 ($716)!

Which means you’ll need to accumulate at least RM3,000 ($716) of effective betting amount winnings, before you can withdraw your winnings.

So if you’re betting on a no-commission baccarat game, and you’re placing RM100 ($24) on each bet. Once you’ve successfully bet 30 times (i.e. RM100 ($24) x 30 = RM3,000 ($716)), you would have achieved the minimum rolling requirements and you’re now eligible to withdraw all your winnings.

So what happens if you lose all your money (including the awarded bonus) before you achieve the minimum rolling requirement?

Don’t worry, the bonus requirements will be voided automatically and you’ll have the option to enjoy all your other bonuses or other promotions you want to play.

B. Online Betting Rebate Requirements

Cash rebates or rebate points are bonuses offered as an appreciation to you, the player.

It’s proportional to a player’s effective bet amount or member status in the online casino.

These rebates are automatically given according to the player’s member status, e.g. 0.75% for normal members, 0.8% for Gold members, 1% for Diamond Members.

Say for example, you’re a regular member enjoying 0.75% rebates, your total accumulated effective betting amount today is RM100,000 ($23,860).

You’ll automatically receive a cash rebate of RM750 ($180) in your account the very next day.

The same saying goes for online casinos, no one wants to lose when they gamble, not the house and definitely not you, so always check the terms for rules and great bonuses to maximize your winnings.

8. How to Know if You’re Getting The Best Processing Times for Your Deposits and Withdrawals

Getting The Best Processing Times for Your Deposits and Withdrawals

The things we all love about online casinos are the convenience of playing games and betting right from the comfort of our own homes, anytime anywhere.

So the last thing you need are delays in your betting transactions.

As an example, just imagine, you have about 30 minutes before the next Premier League game kicks off.

The odds are looking great and you quickly transfer your money into the casino to place a bet on your favorite team.

You wait and wait, the money never deposits into your account.

You contact customer service and they’re still checking with the bank to verify your transfer.

The match kicks off but you missed placing a timely bet.

Your team wins… but you lose. What a Bummer!

When you choose an online casino, always make sure they have fast banking deposit and withdrawal options.

Deposits should be complete in less than 10 minutes, while withdrawals should only take about 15 minutes.

Reputable casinos’ invest a lot of their budget in fast banking and guaranteed transactional processes, so if you find one with all of the options outlined above, you’ve probably found a reputable casino you can trust and play in for the long term.

9. What You Need to Know About Withdrawal Limits

Casino shh.....

There could be some limits on withdrawing money.

The two withdrawal limits to lookout for are, the minimum and the over withdrawal maximums.

A. The minimum withdrawal amount – Most set the minimum as $10 (RM42) or $20 (RM84), or you can use your bonuses to win a specific rolling multiple and get to withdraw the amount.

B. Over withdrawal – If the daily withdrawal limit is $5,000 (RM21,000), and you’ve requested to withdraw $50,000 (RM210,000), you’ll get $5,000 (RM21,000) per day until your requested amount is fully paid out to you.

Before you start playing, check withdrawal limits so you’re not disappointed.

10. What to Look For in Your Casino’s 24/7 Real-time Customer Support

Casino’s 247 Real-time Customer Support

This is a short tip, but it’s worth noting.

The best way to see if customer support is reliable, effective and friendly is if it:

A. Offers 24/7 customer support.

B. Solves players’ problems quickly.

C. Has specialized knowledge about all the games and can help you win, if needed.

Checking these three things is easy, and if your casino doesn’t offer any of this it’s time to start looking for a new one.

11. This is Why You Should Upgrade to VIP or Premium Member Status Today

Upgrade to VIP or Premium Member Status Today

The biggest difference between online casinos and physical ones is the strict conditions physical casinos have to becoming a VIP member.

While these same conditions don’t apply to online casinos.

Live casinos online establish an environment that is much easier for you to enjoy the gaming experience while winning games and making money!

Here are a couple ways they qualify VIP members:

A. They lower the qualifications and increase the chances to becoming a VIP or premium member.

B. They eradicate the unease caused by membership hierarchy and make the gaming experience more free and fair.

Make sure the online casino you choose has VIP or Premium options before you start playing.

12. The Variety of Games Make All The Difference at Your Online Casino

The Variety of Games Make All The Difference at Your Online Casino

The biggest attraction for online casinos is the ability to enjoy the variety of games at your fingertips, while winning rebates, bonuses and loyalty points on all accumulated bets.

Always choose an online casino with the most variety of games, so you can effectively improve your odds at winning, as well as accumulate the best benefits.

A casino with the most games also shows its reputation and reliability.

It also means more gaming platforms and partners are willing to supply their games, and collaborate with the casino due to their reputation and financial status.

If yours only has a few games, you should probably start looking for a new one.

Online casinos are filled with players of different preferences.

So, a good one should:

A. Regularly update its games to add something new to the gaming experience.

B. Offer various types of games

  • Electronic games (such as slots, BINGO, etc.)
  • Live games (such as baccarat, roulette, poker, etc.)
  • Sports betting games (such as football, basketball, etc.)
  • Lotteries (such as 4D, KENO, etc.)

C. Cooperate with multiple gaming companies to offer members more gaming choices. The number of gaming companies also shows how good the casino is.

When an online casino can fulfill player’s gaming needs, the customer satisfaction is also greatly enhanced!

13. Enjoy Casino Gaming on Your Mobile, What?!

Enjoy Casino Gaming on Your Mobile, What

It’s the era of mobile technology. Nowadays we often complete things on our phones! Studies have shown that:

  • More than two-thirds of the world’s population have mobile phones.
  • More than half of the world’s population use smart phones.
  • More than half of the world’s data traffic comes from mobile phones.

As a result, when an online casino offers both PC and mobile versions, it already caters to most users’ demands!

You’ll probably need to check the version of your mobile phone to see if it’s compatible with iOS and Android.

If you want to start playing on your mobile device check out the step-by-step actions below:

  1. Make sure you have a smartphone that’s Wifi/3G/4G enabled.
  2. Go to your favorite online casino.
  3. Find their app on the website and download it.
  4. Open the app and create an account, then simply fill in the information on the sign up form in the app.
  5. Click the login button and enter your username and password.
  6. Start playing and winning games in the casino app.

Now you can start playing your favorite casino games, anytime anywhere right from your phone.

14. Live Sports Betting Online?

Sports Betting earn the money

Sports have always been one of the hottest topics in the world throughout history.

That’s why it’s common for casinos to offer sports betting. In recent years, some have even provided live sports channels, so players can watch matches while placing their bets – a brand-new and exciting experience.

Global Sports betting values are worth up to $3 trillion U.S. Dollars, and it’s the most popular betting type in the industry.

But, why do people love to bet on sports more in online casinos instead of in physical ones?

Because you can bet on your favorite teams immediately. You just need to login to your casino account and click which match you want to bet on. The process takes less than a minute to complete.

Here’s a small introduction on how to start sports betting today:

  1. Log in to your online casino account.
  2. Click on the online casino “Sports” section.
  3. Choose the “Sport Game Room” you love.
  4. Find the match you want to bet on.
  5. Choose various payment options to place your bets.

Sports betting is also applicable on mobile devices, which lets you bet on sports matches immediately.

One story of someone placing their bets during the World Cup won them a super high prize, so don’t overlook this old and profitable betting pastime.

15. What Popular Gifts Should You Expect to Win or Get As a Member?

Should You Expect to Win or Get As a Member of Your Online Casino

Gifts are one way that a live casino shows its appreciation for its loyal members.

If the casino that you’re playing at doesn’t offer anything like this, then you should start looking for another one.

Here are some examples of gifts and promotions that your online casino should have, if they’re a reputable one:

offer a variety of intriguing and luxurious gifts and promotions like A Car

A. They offer a variety of intriguing and luxurious gifts and promotions like:

  • A Car
  • Travel to exotic locations

B. Offer gifts that are most popular at the moment.

  • Extra bonus at the winning of a game

16. Online Casino Gift Policies Are Important to Check

Casino Gift Policies Are Important to Check

Check the gift policies at your live casino, so when or if you get a gift you’ll know why and how to claim it.

A lot of times, players will be playing any number of games and they’ll win a gift, but they won’t know why, so they can repeat the action, and they don’t have any idea on how to claim that gift.

Look for these three things when reviewing your gift policy:

A. Of course, you should clearly read the conditions and limits of the gift policy.

B. When you understand what the gift policy says, it’s a good idea to set targets to win those gifts.

C. Also find ways to accelerate your winning of the gifts and bonuses on the list.

Don’t forget, gifts can also include bonuses on your winnings, which can increase your cash payouts when you’re ready.

17. The Biggest Differences Between Live Online Casinos vs. Land-Based Casinos

Lively casino

If you thought land based casinos were the same as live online casinos, then think again. There are some significant differences between the two that we’re going to show you in this tip right here.

The overall thing to remember is that in casinos online you have:

  • The Power to Start or End the Game Anytime and Anywhere

A. You don’t have disturbing persuasion or encouragement from the people around you.

B. You’re not influenced by the loud dings or people screaming in the distance.

C. You have a simple and easy-to-operate interface, which makes it easy to start and end the game whenever you want.

So, casinos online can offer you a quiet gaming experience, while land-based ones are filled with an intense interactive and loud atmosphere that’s hard to compete in.

While it’s nice to sometimes visit a land-based casino, it does take a great amount of time, money and energy to go to casinos in Las Vegas or Macau!

If you’re not prepared to take the trip but still want to win some quick cash, an online casino is no doubt your best choice.

So What Do I Do Now?

The power to choose the best online casino is now in your hands, what you do with it is up to you.

…Always remember to check back to update yourself on anything you might have forgotten, to make sure you’re always getting the best possible bonuses to increase your winning payouts.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact the i8.BET team here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you liked, hated or want to help us improve these 17 tips let us know by leaving a comment below, we’d love to hear from you. Or if you just want to say hi, we won’t mind.

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