Online Gambling Trends to Look Out For in 2022

Online Gambling Trends to Look Out For in 2022

The gaming industry has shown many transformative changes in the past decade, from the inclusion of cryptocurrencies viable payment methods to the use of virtual reality for a more engaging betting experience.

Many experts also believe that a greater array of trends will emerge in 2022, redefining this continuously growing industry. We will explore these trends in further detail.

Trend 1: Cryptocurrency to Dominate the Internet Gambling Industry

Cryptocurrency to Dominate the Internet Gambling Industry

One of the biggest trends expected to unfold next year is cryptocurrencies to take over the internet betting industry.

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly used as a payment gateway in various industries. That said, it is no flash news that online gambling platforms will likely begin to adopt this virtual currency from next year onwards. Many players have shown a strong preference for this type of transaction, as they offer greater levels of anonymity and security for deposits or withdrawals.

Although traditional payment methods will still be around, cryptocurrencies are expected to make a splash, as they are effective in mitigating and minimising hacking theft.

This implementation is meant to be done by incorporating crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc., as no personal information is required for the transaction to take place. Peer-to-peer transactions are also present, thus, greatly benefiting all forms of gambling such as sports betting, Bitcoin slots, poker, dice games, etc.

This trend could also apply to various casino and gambling providers as a means of exploring alternative cryptocurrency support focusing on Litecoin and Ethereum. In short, faster transactions, popular networks, lower fees will always prove beneficial, plus the presence of other alternative cryptocurrencies could compensate for the cost and price of implementing Bitcoin as a payment gateway, cementing their presence within the online gambling industry.

Trend 2: Virtual Reality Betting Will Grow in Popularity

Virtual Reality Betting Will Grow in Popularity

Virtual reality or VR has been around since the 1990s, but this form of technology has seen increasing advancements and is paving the way for a more engaging casino experience.

Coupled with the availability of accessories, it is just a matter of time until most gaming websites and live dealer games—including live casino dealers—begin to provide players with the option of even more immersive and simulated gameplay unique to virtual reality.

Since the introduction of virtual reality, VR devices have begun to proliferate and grow in numbers, making them more available to consumers. As a result, many online casinos recognized their potential and implemented them in their casino games.

Not only that but augmented reality (AR) has also become more prevalent in conjunction with the presence of virtual reality. These two forms of technologies combined have enabled players to have a near real-life casino experience, taking what they previously know about casino games to the next level.

As with the nature of virtual reality and augmented reality, only the sky’s the limit. But fortunately for many players, devices have become less and less expensive. Thus, expect virtual reality and augmented reality to become a staple slowly but surely in any online casinos—VR casinos—for an even more realistic remote betting experience from the comfort of your own home.

Trend 3: Live Dealers Will Be an Increasingly Common Sight

Live Dealers Will Be an Increasingly Common Sight

As our daily tasks and routines become more and more digitalised, many players have made it clear that they still prefer a more realistic experience which paved the way for the rise of virtual reality technology within the online betting landscape.

Despite this, many players still demonstrated a strong preference for playing their favourite games with an actual dealer instead of mere artificial intelligence.

After all, live dealers offer a much more genuine and legitimate betting experience since each step of the game is transparent, and players can see everything in front of them. This gives players a sign of confidence that this online casino operates with integrity and does not cheat the players of their money.

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Trend 4: Changing Habits of the Consumers

Changing Habits of the Consumers

Since the advent of social media, the impact it made on mobile gaming has been immeasurable. As a result, more and more individuals have begun using their smartphones or tablets for gaming to take advantage of the increasing number of free to play mobile games.

It may appear unusual since free-to-play games do not generate direct revenue but instead draw from paid advertisements and features.

As the long hand of digitalization extends across the rest of the industry, the brick-and-mortar casinos around the world have seemed to have lost a fair bit of traffic, no thanks in part to the pandemic.

Instead, overall interest in online gambling has increased and will continue to experience growth throughout 2022. If the current projections hold, then the online betting industry will be expected to reach a valuation of over $550 billion next year, thus giving many online casinos to figure out what current consumer habits are and to capitalize on the trends of 2022 and beyond.

Trend 5: A Greater Visual Experience

A Greater Visual Experience

Drawing from the visual improvements that are set to befall online casino games in 2022, the same can be said of the general quality of games for years to come. Already popular in 2020, the Covid pandemic has made them even more popular in 2021. In a time of lockdowns, the appeal of being able to play against real people and live dealers from the comfort of your sofa has been too tempting to resist.

More so, the intense competition between game developers has forced them to constantly improve their games to keep up. As graphical technology continues to improve with no end in sight, casino games will undergo a visual overhaul thanks to the efforts of developers and providers. As such, players will continue to receive and demand more life-like experiences plus more modern graphics.

Coupled with the continuous improvement of monitors and screens in general, this will also contribute to the fidelity and crispness of said graphics, bringing players a visual overhaul of a higher standard which will greatly benefit all parties involved and help blur the lines between the real and virtual worlds.

Online casino companies and providers can acknowledge the potential of these technologies and how they can impact the overall experience—realising ideas such as live dealers with real people sitting at virtual tables.

Hence, the visual quality of live games will continue to improve, aiming to provide players with a breathtaking casino experience. While more unique and exciting live dealer games are on the horizon, products that combine VR with the live casino concept are something to keep an eye on as well.

Trend 6: Smartwatches Bringing a Whole New Experience to iGaming

Smartwatches Bringing a Whole New Experience to iGaming

Before smartwatches gained the level of use that they have today, many players would place their bets on their favourite platform using their computers or mobile devices. But with the proliferation of smartwatch usage among players, they are expected to take the helm as the most accessible and convenient option.

In 2022, the smartwatch market is expected to grow to $140 million from $71 million in 2021, as online casino developers scramble to take advantage of this growth.

Gaming providers such as Playtech and Microgaming are chief among the few that are already offering casino applications for smartwatches.

As such, the market will be seeing massive growth as this wearable technology will reach billions in its global worth in the next few years, giving the online casino industry a new and integral component of this trend.

Many more developers are also expected to create more smartwatch-compatible games in 2022, as casino operators strive to offer efficient, fast, and more convenient gambling activities.

Trend 7: The Increasing Use of Blockchain Technology

The Increasing Use of Blockchain Technology

As of late, many blockchain-based projects have shown a high level of capitalization in different markets. In the context of the gambling industry, the use of blockchain technology offers players and online casino operators a glimpse into the future, such as:

  • Players can enjoy their favourite casino games anonymously using digital money while wagering in online casinos. Some casinos can even allow players to make wagers without giving their details when creating gaming accounts.
  • Players can replenish their betting accounts within seconds using digital funds, as transactions get carried out in real-time.

It offers security and convenience on the go. So, do not be surprised when it becomes increasingly adopted by the online betting community.

Trend 8: Mobile Betting Will Be Further on The Rise

Mobile Betting Will Be Further on The Rise

As the betting market continues to be saturated with social media, the rise of social and media gambling has become one of the greatest contributors to the growth of the online betting market, thanks in part to an increase in the usage of mobile phones.

As smartphone usage increases, more and more online casino operators have been able to penetrate new markets and acquire more revenue through paid adverts placed in different social games.

Not only that, but mobile gambling app developers are also increasing their efforts in improving players’ experience and rising above their competitors. 2021 is already a year of improved visuals complementing crisp screen resolutions created by smartphone giants, but more is to come in 2022.

Next year, these visual quality enhancements are expected to improve further as game developers manage the delicate balance between the best online betting experience while catering to rising demands from players.

Trend 9: Access from Restricted Countries

Access from Restricted Countries

Given that cryptocurrencies are anonymous and virtually untraceable, many online casinos have started to accept players from restricted countries.

Depending on where you look at, say Taiwan for example, a country with generally strict regulations but is a proponent for cryptocurrencies; its increase in crypto support has contributed to the massive growth of its player base.

In 2022 and the following years, online casinos are expected to expand in these underserved markets because of the huge profit potential, with the downside that trusted operators generally do not accept players from these jurisdictions. However, with the aid of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and crypto wallets, the hurdles for anyone to join an online betting website have been blown out of the water.

Trend 10: Esports Betting

Esports Betting

Another interesting development within the online betting industry is the abundance of opportunities to bet on Esports. As the Esports industry continued to grow—initially considered a niche market—it is now a full-fledged industry that captivates a growing audience.

Nowadays, some cable providers even give direct access to Esports-oriented channels as part of their subscription to create a broader appeal to these competitive gaming environments.

The type of games that players worldwide can bet on include CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, Valorant, Fortnite, and much more. This has created a whole new segment of players who are well versed within the gaming world and allowing them to use their knowledge to make a monetary profit, especially for younger generations.

The Transformation and Future of the Online Betting Industry

While there are many significant changes to keep an eye out for with significant progress being made over the past decade, there is still a tone of room for improvement. As player interests continue to shift, plus new technological advancements, operators will no doubt have to adapt to these new categories of demand.

Coupled with an entirely new category of sports—Esports—that players can now wager on, 2022 will be a year to behold for the online betting industry as crisper graphics, a greater variety of games, plus new technological advancements pave the way for the future of the online betting industry.

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