Online Live Betting Roulette Games Guide

Malaysia online gambling sites has a wide variety of online game rooms for players to choose from such as iPT, iAG, eBET, iCASINO+, etc. The following is a comparison of roulette gameplay in different game rooms.


Play Malaysia Live Roulette Games

Before playing roulette online , you can learn how to Win at Roulette in Online Gambling for Real Money first.i8 will introduce you to the Roulette betting limits of each of the different game halls to best suit your bet amounts and How to Play Roulette Gambling.

Online Betting Roulette Games Introduction


Comparison of Roulette Casino Online Limits

The following is a comparison of the roulette betting limits in each of the different game halls. Players can choose their preferred game hall according to the different bet limits set.

Game Room Bet Limits Single Bet Limit
iPT RM4 – RM15,000 RM0.50 – RM200
iAG RM5 – RM1,000 RM5 – RM150
eBET RM20 – RM10,000 RM20 – RM300
iCASINO+ RM1 – RM1,000 RM1 – RM100
iCASINO++ RM4 – RM10,000 RM0.50 – RM40
W88 RM1 – RM125,000 RM1 – RM2,500
GD RM1 – RM7,000 RM1 – RM200
OPUS RM1 – RM10,000 RM1 – RM200
MG RM2 – RM2,500 RM2 – RM125
BBIN RM5 – RM1,000 RM1 – RM1,000
Allbet RM15 – RM10,000 RM5 – RM60
IGP RM50 – RM50,000 RM50 – RM1,500


What’s the Roulette Malaysia Odds

Although different game halls have different betting limits, the Roulette odds are the same, as shown below:

 Bet  Odds
Single Number 1 : 35
2 numbers 1 : 17
3 numbers 1 : 11
4 numbers 1 : 8
6 numbers 1 : 5
12 numbers 1 : 2
18 numbers 1 : 1


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