Football Bookmakers: Let’s See 10 World’s Biggest Football Competitions


Sports are played throughout the corners of the world. Athletes compete with one another to demonstrate their skills and prowess in matches – using every ounce of their willpower and strength to achieve victory; carving their names in the history books.

The number one sport in the world – football (or as the citizens of the United States call it – soccer), is a phenomenon that transcends religion and race. It unites all of us, having us rid ourselves of our physical traitsand makes us believe in a team or even a country that represents our spirit.

With so many countries emotionally invested in the game, hundreds of competitions and cups are played every day around the world – but which are the world’s most prestigious?

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Football Betting Guide: 10. Ligue 1

Football Bet Guide 10. Ligue 1

Also known as Ligue 1 Conforama, the French football league originated in 1932 and took some time before its’ current rise in the European stage. Since the purchase of Paris Saint-Germain

by the Qatar Sports Investments alongside Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev’s purchase over Monaco FC – both clubs have been pouring money into the clubs, forcing player transfers from other big-name European clubs like Barcelona and Manchester United. Today the league boasts the highest ever transfer in the form of Brazilian talent – Neymar Jr. Historically though – the most championships held however are by Saint-Étienne with 10 titles under their belt.


Football Betting Guide: 9. Bundesliga

Football Bet Guide 9. Bundesliga

A professional association football gaming league in Germany, the Bundesliga is one of the newest and well-known leagues in Europe. Founded in 1963, the league is robust and hosts some of the biggest names in football – particularly Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, and Werder Bremen; crafting German talents such as legend Oliver Kahn, Marco Reus, and Mesut Ozil. Players are often grown from youth clubs and are sought after from clubs from other leagues. Today, the Bundesliga prides itself as a league that hosts the highest attendance compared to any other league.


Football Betting Guide: 8. Serie A

Football Bet Guide 8. Serie A

The professional league competition for Italian football clubs – the league is known to be the most tactical national league of all. Founded in 1898, the league has hosted Italian giants Juventus, Internazionale, and AC Milan – teams that have dominated Europe with talents such as Pavel Nedved, Javier Zanetti, and Filippo Inzaghi respectively. Although the league lacks the pace of La Liga or the physical demands of the Premier League, Serie A establishes itself as a league that prides on their defensive prowess.


Football Betting Guide: 7. The Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División

Football Bet Guide 7. The Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División
Commonly known as La Liga – the Spanish first division hosts the world’s most successful and popular football clubs known to men, such as Real Madrid and Barcelona. Founded over 90 years ago, the league began with only 10 clubs competing. Today, the league hosts 20 clubs every season, relegating the bottom three and allowing the top four Champions League qualification

(similar to the English Premier League). The highest every transferred player in history is held by Neymar – a Brazilian national from Barcelona to French side Paris St Germain at an astounding 222 million Euros.


Football Betting Guide: 6. The English Premier League

Football Bet Guide 6. The English Premier League 

England’s pride – the premier league hosts popular clubs known across the globe. From big names such as Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United – the league consists of teams supported globally. The league’s early beginnings were far from glamorous. However, by 1990s, the success of England’s semi-finals transformed the English clubs into mega businesses. Today, successful marketing has transformed the English Premier League into the biggest entertainment viewed around the world. English clubs will even travel to various continents such as Asia and Africa to play friendlies during the summer break.


Football Betting Guide: 5. The Africa Cup of Nations

Football Bet Guide 5. The Africa Cup of Nations

A continent obsessed with the game – the tournament pits Africa’s greatest national sides amongst one another in a battle for the title as the continent’s best. Formed in 1956, the cup was actually proposed in Lisbon and hosted the very first tournament in 1957 in Khartoum, Sudan. Despite its popularity, the tournament suffers as it takes place early in the year – particularly in January, having it clash with many other competitions around the world; having many of Africa’s major stars withdraw from participating as they fulfill their club duties.


Football Betting Guide: 4. Copa America

Football Bet Guide 4. Copa America

Copa America is the oldest existing continental football competition in the world. The first competition was held in Argentina in 1910. It is a competition that determines the continental champion of South America. The initial success of the competition was known throughout the region when countries like Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay participated in the competition in 1916. It is odd that in the 1990s, teams from North America as well as Japan were invited to join in the competition. Today (in 2019), Chile is the champion with a total of two titles under their belt. The most successful team historically are the Uruguayan national team holding a massive 15 titles.


Football Betting Guide: 3. The UEFA European Championship

Football Bet Guide 3. The UEFA European Championship

Contested by the senior men’s national teams of Europe, the UEFA European Championship – also known as the Euros, decides the continental champions of Europe. Held every four years since 1968 (and is in between every four years of the World Cup), the tournament goes through qualifiers and the host country is given automatic qualification to compete in the tournament. Today, both Germany and Spain are tied with three titles each with Portugal being the current champions in 2019. The Euros are also a popular competition observed by many clubs – observing young talent in hopes to sign them.


Football Betting Guide: 2. The UEFA Champions League

Football Bet Guide 2. The UEFA Champions League

A competition adored by the world – the Union of European Football Associations Champions League is contested by top-division clubs, deciding the best team in Europe. Starting off as the European Cup in 1955, the Champions League has now evolved into a display of Europe’s finest – with many of the world’s most famous football clubs competing such as Real Madrid from Spain, Manchester United from England and AC Milan from Italy but is joined with many other clubs from Portugal, Sweden, France, and many more. Today, the UEFA Champions League ranks ninth among all professional leagues in the world by revenue.


Football Betting Guide: 1. FIFA World Cup

Football Bet Guide 1. FIFA World Cup

Every four years, the world comes to a stop. Eyes are glued to screens from bars to bus stops as everyone watches the beautiful game with their attention. The FIFA World Cup – also known as the World Cup, is an international competition contested by the men’s national teams. Since its birth in 1930, the cup is the most prestigious football tournament. It is also the most viewed and followed sporting event in the world, exceeding even the Olympic Games. Over 17 countries have so far hosted the World Cup with over 211 countries so far eligible to enter for qualification. For every cup won, a country dons a star above the country’s crest, signifying their triumph over the cup in history.


With so many leagues and cups occurring throughout the year, it’s difficult choosing one to keep up with. Every competition brings forth new talent that keeps everyone at the edge of their seats and drama that stirs up the media. That said – one thing is for sure, no club or national team remain at the top forever, no matter what the league. There will always be unexpected victories coupled with shocking losses; thus, the wonder of the beautiful game!

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