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Liverpool VS Crystal Palace recap

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In our previous article, we have predicted that the odds would side Liverpool over Crystal Palace for the Anfield match. Our prediction turned out to be accurate, and it materialized even earlier than we had expected. On the 23rd minute, Trent Alexander-Arnold scored the team’s first goal. Imagine the roar of the crowd filling up the stadium had it been a public event; it would have been loud as thunder!

With a remarkable result of 4-0, Mohamed Salah echoed Alexander-Arnold’s footsteps and scored another goal for the team. In the second half, Fabinho and Sadio Mane kicked the Reds to success. Fabinho gets the Man of the Anfield Match dub because his kick was nothing short of mad skill! His pass to Salah was sweet, and his strike into the goal post was lethal!

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Is Crystal Palace picking up their shattered pieces? Not quite. They are still maintaining their ninth spot in the League table, and Roy Hodgson, coach of Crystal Palace, said he would not come up with any excuses to assuage their defeat. He was also in awe with Liverpool’s form and thought the boys were very aggressive and precise on the field. Hodgson also admitted that his boys had no opportunities to get hold of the ball.

Jurgen Klopp, without a doubt, is in cloud nine. He lauded the team and said they demonstrated exceptional performance. The success at Anfield has closed their gap of becoming the Premier League title-holder, needing just two more points.

The Reds are now first in the Premier League ranking. If Manchester City, who is tailing quite far behind the Reds on the chart, fails to defeat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge tomorrow (MYT), the Reds can set the seal on the grand prize as soon as the match finishes.

The match between Chelsea and Manchester City is the determiner

The derby happening at Stamford Bridge is going to be a nerve-wracking one because it will officially determine the winner of the 2019/2020 Premier League season. Mohamed Salah, who plays as a forward, says the club is ready to celebrate Liverpool’s long-awaited title.

If Manchester City wins the match at Stamford Bridge, the boys will go head to head with Liverpool on July 3 at 3:15 AM (MYT), at the Etihad stadium. But City coach, Pep Guardiola, has different opinions on the derby with Chelsea.

While Chelsea is a prestigious game, Guardiola is putting his priority on the match with Newcastle that is happening June 29 at St James’ Park. With the UEFA Champions League qualification inching closer, and Liverpool earmarked to win the Premier League, Guardiola believes the Newcastle qualifying match holds more weight.

Guardiola remains humble even though his team had an impressive feat against Arsenal (3-0) and Burnley (5-0) last week. However, Guardiola still thinks his team is not physically fit enough. But he and the boys will handle the situation tactfully and try their very best to qualify for the Champions League even if it means bracing through extreme odds.

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Chelsea meets bogey team once more: Frank Lampard frowns brows

Bettors are not the only ones with bad luck. Frank Lampard, coach of Chelsea, is competing against the bogey team, Manchester City, once more.

Lampard and the club have been at the mercy of Pep Guardiola and his team of skilful and agile players since 2016 when Guardiola replaced Manuel Pellegrini. Since then, Chelsea has labeled Man City as a tough nut to crack. To date, Chelsea has only won one out of seven matches against Manchester City.

Based on our prediction, it seems history is bound to repeat for Chelsea. Although Manchester City is likely to miss out on bagging home the title, Lampard is aware that the City team cannot afford to drop any more points.

Chelsea ranks fourth in the Premier League table currently.

Chelsea VS Manchester City: Team news and prediction

Chelsea’s star players, N’Golo Kante will be getting down on action as a center midfielder; he will also be joined by Willian and Pedro Rodriguez, who have both signed the short-term extension contract.

Lampard is also waiting to see if winger, Callum Hudson-Odoi, will be fit enough to get back on track after he missed the trip to Villa Park to compete against Aston Villa. Fikayo Tomori, Chelsea’s defender, will be the only player missing the action.

On Pep’s side, the only injured player is Sergio Aguero, who plays as Manchester City’s forward. Aguero has injured his foot while going against Burnley. Manchester City has been able to make as many as eight changes for their second game of the resumption, resulting in a clean bill of health. The changes have also given forwards such as Kevin De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling, and Leroy Sane the chance to return to the starting line-up.

Manchester City seems to be the only team in the season that is most fluent and is in tip-top condition even after the lockdown. This condition of theirs ought to bring them far in this season. Chelsea is not doing too bad themselves. Chelsea is currently the third-best attacking team in the division.

What is our verdict then? We think the odds will still side Manchester City. They have the right people in the team, and the right mix of energy and reliance to excel and record their third win out of the four meetings they have had with Chelsea.

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Do you also agree that Liverpool is very likely to be the biggest winner of the season? Let’s see what Klopp will do next!

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