How to Bet on E-SPORTS Games Room Intro

iBET Online Casino offers abundant types of games, including live casino, electronic games, lottery games, and sports games for you to choose. To provide our members more gaming experiences, iBET has cooperated with Inplay Matrix and released E-SPORTS Games where a lot of popular electronic sporting events are available for players who love electronic games to bet. It is no doubt the most comprehensive and Professional Online Sports Betting E-Sport to all players!


iBET Online Casino – E-SPORTS Games Introduction


Online Sports Game-room Features of E-SPORTS

Inplay Matrix partnered with the e-Sports betting company ESB and released E-SPORTS, which is a type of game growing in popularity. E-Sports are electronic competitive gaming and are no less popular than general sports betting. There have been more than 35 million of e-Sports players around the globe, no wonder Inplay Matrix released this brand-new E-SPORTS gaming platform to cater to the market demand.



What Kind of Games E-SPORTS Provides in Online Game-room

E-SPORTS is a e-Sports gaming platform developed by a senior and professional player. Knowing what exactly a player will like, the interface is designed in a direction matching with players’ need and is different from traditional interface of sports betting. The interface of E-SPORTS makes everything clear to see, so players can place their betting more easily. Besides, a variety of gaming types are offered, such as League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, and Strike of Kings. All fabulous, big sports events come with handicaps, and more than 50 special handicaps are offered for players to bet on!

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iBET Online Casino – E-SPORTS Games Introduction



Why you should Choose E-SPORTS to Bet Online Games

iBET sportsbook E-SPORTS has a professional team analyzing data and historical records. What’s especially important is that the team offers players information such as team rankings, result predictions and handicap recommendations as a reliable reference. Also, E-SPORTS broadcasts every event live in high resolution and keeps the gaming status up-to-date, so as to let players enjoy more fun in betting.

iBET Online Casino – E-SPORTS Games Introduction


 Online Sportsbook Recommends E-SPORTS Gaming Platform For You

In addition to the above, E-SPORTS supports on-site betting during the game. This brings more excitement to players as they can place betting while watching live streams. Therefore, those who love e-Sports mustn’t miss iBET‘s brand-new E-SPORTS Games!

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