4D iLottery / KENO Game-room You Need to Know

iBET Online Casino has been devoting to creating the best lottery betting environment and offering the most diverse and excellent online gaming service to all members and lottery fans. iBET iLottery/KENO platform is the platform we developed by the inspirations from lottery fans and our philosophy to provide all players with better service. Through our dedicated cooperation with seven well-known lottery companies, now you can find different betting odds and diverse gameplays in iBET Lottery Game Room.


iLottery / KENO Online Game-room Features

A variety of betting types like 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D can all be found in iLottery/KENO Games, and you can choose to bet on Big Prize, Small Prize, or 1st Prize . What’s more, different kinds of gameplays are available for you to choose, such as Straight, IBox, Permutation, and Reverse. A lot of players are indulged in playing the diverse betting types to increase not only the gaming excitement but also the winning chances for lottery.

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How Fun You Betting Lottery Game Online in iLottery

Many lottery fans will bet on sets of numbers when they see related numbers in their daily life, or some numbers suddenly popping into their heads. Moreover, part of lottery fans will try to find out what their dreams have represented by referring to the dream interpretations to predict the winning numbers. They hope by doing so, these numbers can bring good luck to their betting and increase their winning chances.

Function intro of iLottery / KENO Online Betting Game-room

1. Bet3D/4D

After entering 3D/4D betting page, you can select the betting types like Big Prize, Small Prize, and 1st Prize at your wish. It is very convenient to play with the multiple gameplays and options like Straight, Reverse, and IBox from seven well-known lottery companies.

Malaysia famous 4D Betting Online Game Rules all in Malaysia Online Lottery Game Introduction.

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2. Bet5D/6D

After entering 5D/6D betting page, you can select your betting numbers and quantities. 5D/6D online betting is indispensable to life as their gameplays are so exciting, and a variety of number games are there for you to bet!

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3. Bet History

The easy and diverse gameplays in iLottery/KENO are the reason that makes all players can’t help keeping playing all the time. You can also check your betting record right after you place it.

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4. Profit & Loss

iLottery/KENO offers you the best gaming environment, and you can check your daily bet by viewing the previous gains and losses at any time.

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Earn More Money in Online Platform iLottery / KENO

Lottery is a game involving various gameplays and deeply loved by the locals. Now sign in to your account on iBET iLottery/KENO to check 4D results and experience betting with high odds on Big Prize up to RM3400 or Small Prize up to 4800.

iBET iLottery/KENO offers you the most popular ways to play lottery. They are diverse and easy to bet. With iBET iLottery/KENO, you don’t have to go to different stations  to place your 4D betting in person! Just few clicks, you can bet online in seven different lottery companies at a time.


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