Intro on How to Play Slot Games on SCR888?


Slot game is a luck-based game. The amount of cash bonus that you win is dependent on the RNG (Random Number Generator) of the slot machine. Everyone can play online slots as it requires minimal to almost no skills to play the game. Following the rise of online betting, a lot of new online slot games providers are popping up. The varieties of online slot games that are offered are endless. One of the many online slots providers that you should try is SCR888. They offer the most visually captivating slot games and the best odds too!

How can I Win in Online Slot Games?

While playing slot games, there is always a common question that will appear in the mind of players, how do I win more in online slot games? Everybody wants to win some extra cash bonuses. But how? How can we win in online casino slots? Here are three secret tips to help you in winning online slot games.


1. Prepare Yourself 

Prepare Yourself

You have to be prepared before you get into this whole online slot game scene. It is just the same as doing anything. You need to know about the slot games before you can play the game. Learn about the rules and basics of the game. You can learn more by practicing on the free games. Not all Malaysia online slot requires you to play with real money. Some are nice enough to let you try the games without using real money. Play a few rounds, familiarized yourself with the games of SCR888 before you start investing your money in it. 

Different online slots have different odds. It is important to learn about the odds of a particular game and see how it pays. Special symbols like Wild, Scatter, Bonus, and Multiplier are some crucial aspects to look for in online slots because they are like the power-ups in a video game. You get extra rewards if you get the special symbols. A wild symbol can replace any symbols to complete a winning combination. Scatter symbol gives a winning spin when there are two or more showing on the screen even if they are not on the paylines, in some online slot games, it triggers bonus rounds and other rewards. Bonus symbol unlocks bigger prizes, mini-games, and other expensive bonuses. 

Other than that, look for the big jackpots. Big jackpot equals to big prize money. Cash prizes that have not been won yet give more values to your spins, because, when you hit the jackpot, you win some seriously handsome amount of money home!


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2. Choosing the Game 

Choosing the Game

There are tons of Malaysia online slots with various themes and art styles. The creativity of the games is limitless. One such Malaysia online casino slots platform that provides online slot games of varying themes, is SCR888. Finding the right Malaysia slots can be beneficial for you. For some of the players, they prefer and value the artistic aspects of the online slots. It makes sense because if you are enjoying the visuals of the online casino slots, you are less likely to feel stressed. It could help to adjust your state of mind and allow you to focus on your spins. Ask yourself these questions when you are looking for a suitable Malaysia online slot games. Is this theme what I am looking for? Do I like the art styles and the visuals of the online slots? Do I like the storyline of the online slots? Judge the online slot game from different aspects such as the graphics, the storyline, the visual as a whole, the game development, and so on. 

RTP is another important element in online slots. RTP means Return to Players. To break it down, RTP is the amount of money that the players can get back after a certain amount of time. Better RTP means better payout to the players over a certain period. High online casino slots RTP falls between 96% and 97.5%. If it goes over 100%, it means that the online casino is not making a profit. For instance, if the RTP of an online slot is 96%, it means that after some time, the players will get back 96% of the money they spent on the online casino. It also means that the online casino earns about 4% from the money you spent. The RTP of online slots is normally not stated but you can find it from the information tab. 

Offers and promotions are a big part of their marketing plans. Everyone loves discounts and free stuff. By providing them, it can attract more crowd coming your way. That is why almost all Malaysia online casino slots offer a tremendous amount of offers and promotions. Most of the time, they launch promotions to promote new games. Watch out for those too as they tend to give out some generous bonus that could help you to grow your money. The point is, check regularly for any promotions that the online slots are launching from time to time, you never know what kind of big rewards you can reap from those.


3. Try to Avoid the Popular Ones 

Try to Avoid the Popular Ones 

The third point may sound a little off to some players, but try not to go with the popular options. Popular options are online slots that feature your favorite and famous bands, movies, TV series, TV shows, and so on. Picture this, if an online slot game with a Game of Thrones theme came out, how many people would go crazy for it? It is normal for people to go with online slot games with their favorite thing as the theme. That is why, you should try to avoid it, fight the temptations if you wish to win some big bucks. This is because, with more players participating in the online slots, the chances of someone winning away the jackpot is higher.

When that happens, the jackpot accumulation is reset and chances are, it might not be as easy for you to win the big jackpot. This is also a marketing gimmick that lures the players into dumping more and more money into their online slots.

Besides, the developers have spent quite some money in purchasing the rights to use the famous names. Other than the favorite themes, you should also avoid online slots that are heavily publicized and appear everywhere you go. The developers spent some big bucks on marketing. Thus, the odds and payout might not be as lavish as they need to cover back the expenses spent on marketing. It is worth the time to dig deeper into the Internet to search for the right online casino slots that pay better. SCR888 has some of the most original colourful themes that are just as interesting as the popular ones you find out there.

 Register & Download to Play Slots on SCR888

Register & Download to Play Slots on SCR888

SCR888 is a Malaysia online slot game provider that is best suited for online slot games fanatics! They offer online slot games of different variations and themes. Every player is bound to have a slot game theme that they like, there is always something for everyone here on SCR888! Besides, SCR888 is very generous with their gifts and bonuses. Every player gets a welcoming bonus when they first register for an account. There are also bonuses given when the players have completed tasks and achievements, not to mention SCR888 gives out the best odds and payouts to players who win the games too. SCR888 is definitely your best choice when it comes to online casino slot games. SCR888 is available on the computer and mobile devices. Simply just log on to their website and play it from your computer. Creating an account is very simple. After registering for an account, you could contact the online gaming agent and make a deposit through the agent. 1 Ringgit is equivalent to 1 game credit. After making a deposit, the online gaming agent will pass your username and the password onto you. After that, you are all set! You can log in with your account and start playing! No registration fee and no credits will be deducted from your account, setting up for an account is all free. 

You can download the application on your mobile devices as well. They support both the Android and iOS systems too. You can download it by clicking the “install” button on the webpage. We will guide you through the installation process below. For iOS system users, after the download is completed, please go to “settings”. Then, go to the “general” function and click into it. Find and press the “device management” function. Next, search and select the “All Continent Trading Sdn. Bhd.” button. Press the “trust” button to enable the installation of the application on your iPhone, and you are all set after that! You can now enjoy the thrills of the online slots on your iPhone anytime.

As for the Android users, after you have downloaded the application, please search for the file in the Download Manager from the top notification and click on the “setting” button. It will lead you to the “Lock Screen and Security” page. Under that page, turn on the “Unknown sources” function to allow the installation. Then, confirm the installation by clicking on the “install” button. Wait as the application is installing. When it is done, you can play the games on SCR888 freely.


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