Promo: Become The i8.BET Best Premier League Predictor And Win

Become the i8.BET Online Casino best Premier League predictor and win, bonus up to RM888. Members need to make predictions before each round of the Premier League. The results will be tabulated in every 10 rounds. The more matches guessed correctly, the higher the winnings!

Become The iBET Best Premier League Predictor And Win

Correct guessed of contests per round Earn Bonus Turnover Application
7 Games RM388 8 Times To apply, please contact 24h
online customer service
8 Games RM588
9 Games RM688
10 Games RM888

Promotion Rules & Regulations – Become The i8.BET Best Premier League Predictor And Win

  1. 90 minutes each game, 1X2 handicap, correctly predict the loss, win, draw.
  2. This offer can only be placed in the sports Game Room and applied once per round.
  3. Members must place bet before the start of matches. The single minimum bet amount of RM100 is eligible for this offer.
  4. The above-mentioned promotion bonus should be completed by October 5, 2018, and will not be issued after the time limit.
  5. For any uncomplete bets during the promotion period, activity unlock and amount transfer will be based on the final result from i8.BET
  6. Sportsbook rebate are not applicable during the promotion period
    ※ Sports events show time for US Eastern Time(Beijing Time -12 Hours)

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i8.BET Promotion – Scores and Get Free RM8! Unlimited Bonus

《Application Method》

Step 1. Successfully login member account, click「Coupon」at the top, system will redirected the screen , click 「Redeem」.

Step 2. According to the instructions on the page,select the favor betting game room、total,enter completed and system will display the transfer amount and bonus which has been transferred successfully into the game room with the required rollover.

Step 3. Confirm the application and click on「OK」button on below, system will be automatically transfer and bind the amount with bonus into the selected transferred game room.

Step 4. Completed betting amount / Withdrawal request,you must first go to the「self-promotion」→「 Unlock 」,select the game room to be unlocked to submit request,until the system approved,may re-deposited in the game room to bets/ make withdrawal.

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