iBET Online Casino Slot Weekly Turnover Bonus, Be The Highest Turnover Winner

iBET launches a new Slot Weekly Turnover Bonus promotion. Just play it in the iBET Online Casino Slot Platform and calculate your weekly valid betting to give you the corresponding bonus, up to RM888 and Samsung Note 8! Playing slot games together to iBET becomes the highest turnover winner!

iBET Online Casino Slot Weekly Turnover Bonus-1


Weekly,Valid Betting Amount Bonus Rollover Application Method
20,000 RM38 1Times System Distributed Coupon
60,000 RM88
100,000 RM188
200,000 RM388
400,000 RM688
500,000 RM888
1Million and above Samsung Note 8 None Kindly Contact Customer Service

※1 Million and above bonus prize will be updated at any time without any prior notice.

iBET Online Casino Slot Weekly Turnover Bonus Terms & Conditions

Application Rules & Regulations

  1. An week valid betting amount can only be calculated for a single game type, can not be cumulated across categories. ( Only SLOT)
    Example: Current week Sportsbook valid betting amount is 10,000、Live casino baccarat valid betting amount is 10,000,total 20,000,member is unable to get the bonus due to the valid betting amount is not from the specific games category。
  2. Cumulated time: Every monday 00:00:00 (GMT+8) to Sunday 23:59:59 (GMt+8), coupons will be send out on every tuesday 12:00:00(GMT+8) for the previous week cumulated valid betting amount to qualified applicants which has met the specific requirements
  3. The promotion applied within promotion period will not be able to enjoy the rebate bonus if the promotion specific rollover hasn’t been met,rebate will only be given once specific rollover has been met.
  4. Bonus claim within promotion period by using bonus/coupon credit and bets in slot games, if won Jackpot from the accumulated prize pool, Jackpot pool prize winning amount will be fully donated to philanthropic institutions in Philippines (Customers may request for the receipt of donation).
    ※Any application for promotion or bonus claimed are required to met a designated rolling, before rollover has been met, there will be no valid amount count for these offer.

Coupon Instructions

Step 1.Successfully login member account, click「Coupon」at the top, system will redirected the screen , click 「Redeem」

Step 2.According to the instructions on the page,select the favor betting game room、total,enter completed and system will display the transfer amount and bonus which has been transferred successfully into the game room with the required rollover

Step 3.Confirm the application and click on「OK」button on below, system will be automatically transfer and bind the amount with bonus into the selected transferred game room

Step 4.Completed betting amount / Withdrawal request,you must first go to the「self-promotion」→「 Unlock 」,select the game room to be unlocked to submit request,until the system approved,may re-deposited in the game room to bets/ make withdrawal.


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