Description of online lottery game company: GB (GLOBE BETTING)

The GB lottery game company was established in 2013 and they are the latest partner of i8.BET Malaysia Online Entertainment City. Their core game products are two professional lottery games, KENO and Lottery. Besides having various lottery games, they also provide free multi-player gameplay, allowing players to bet on different games at the same time without switching the games. It has the highest odds and the simplest betting method in Malaysia, allowing players to have a more convenient environment! The product features and interface of the GB Lottery Game Hall will be introduced in details below.

Unique GB Lottery Platform

GB lottery platform has undergone numerous optimizations and upgrade since it was created to provide players with the most complete gaming experience. They have started a research and development division since 2013. It has become a high-revenue lottery game platform. There are five highlights in the GB lottery game hall.

  1. Provide the most variety of lottery games: KENO / Lottery / SSC / PK Pick (PK10)
  2. Dual device support: PC and mobile version
  3. Provide cross-platform interface, multiple game choices, and multiplayer gameplays
  4. GB Lottery has 9 markets in the industry, and 11 types of different gameplays
  5. GB KENO exclusive built-in chase function

Why you should play the lottery games of GB

Upon entering the GB Lottery Game Hall, a variety of popular online lottery games will be recommended to players! Experience it now!

(1) GB lottery game type - Keno (KENO)

Besides providing a cross-platform interface for players, GB's Keno (KENO) has multiple gameplays and built-in chase functions. Click to enter this page and place a bet. This interface allows users to bet in different games at the same time without switching. After selecting the betting choice, enter the desired amount and click "Bet Now" to complete the bet! It is very easy to operate.

(2) GB Lottery Game Type - Lotto (LOTTERY)

GB Lotto (LOTTERY) has the most market in the industry, 9 in total. It also has and 11 types of different gameplay. A cross-platform use interface is also provided for different devices. The betting screen and the lottery number are on the same screen. You can get both information at the same time. The betting method is easy to use. Just select your bet item, enter the amount next to it and click “Bet Now” to complete the bet!

(3) GB Lottery Game Category - Time Color (SSC)

Each digit is randomly taken from 10 numbers, 0 to 9. Three digits will result in hundreds, tens, and one. While five digits will result in thousands, hundreds, tens, and one. The diverse gameplay is based on this set of random numbers. Each game offers different odds and bonus payout. The betting method is simple and easy to understand. After selecting the item you want to bet, you shall enter the desired amount and click "Bet Now" to complete the bet!

(4) GB lottery game types - PK pickup (PK10)

GB PK Pickup (PK10) gameplay is quite simple. After selecting a position, bet on the car number of that position. If the lottery result has the "betting car number", it means you have won. Other than that will be regarded as not winning. You can choose the betting item and big small gameplay [betting on the position of the car number (6,7,8,9,10), small (1,2,3,4,5)] and single and double play [bet the bet Car number list (1,3,5,7,9), double (2,4,6,8,10)], the bet is matched with the result of the lottery as the winning, and the rest is considered not to win. After selecting your bet item, enter the amount next to it and click on "Bet Now" to complete the bet!

 Introduction to the betting interface of GB lottery

The betting interface of the GB lottery is bright and simple. Besides being user-friendly, the interface is also fairly easy to operate. If you have questions about any of the games and do not know how to play, don't worry! You can seek for online help instructions. GB will guide you on how to play the game. Each game has different modes for players to choose, let players play and enjoy, and enjoy multiple free games. Guan is a great feature that you can't miss GB!

Use your lucky numbers and bet in the GB Lottery Game Hall!

Malaysia i8.BET Online Entertainment City has partnered with GB lottery game company to create the most premium lottery games in the GB lottery game hall. Go to the game hall now and start betting with your lucky numbers! i8.BET also launches lottery promotions from time to time. Players can enjoy the highest bonus and rebate rate in Malaysia while playing the quality games from i8.BET!

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