Brief Introduction on MAXBET(Nova88 IBCbet) Online Betting Platform

Malaysia has a lot of different online betting platforms, if you have heard of IBCbet among all these platforms, then you must not strange to MAXBET. You are right! MAXBET was formerly known as IBCbet, MAXBET is now crafting the most perfect and innovative platform, that is why MAXBET is always the favorite among all the players. No matter sport betting or 4D lottery, MAXBET is always your first choice. This article will tell you more about MAXBET unique features.

MAXBET Sportsbook Rebate, Up to 0.35% Everyday!

As the most popular online casino in Malaysia, i8.BET certainly offers the MAXBET sports betting platform and special offers for sports betting players who love MAXBET.

Original Sports Rebate% Application Method
0.35% System Distributed To Main Wallet

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8 Special about MAXBET(Nova88 IBCbet) You Must Know

The following are MAXBET (Nova88 IBCbet)’s eight unique characteristics.

  1. Professional IT team, building a safe gambling environment with 128-bit encryption technology
  2. Allow players to bet in higher amount, maximize your winning!
  3. Highest winning odds platform in Asia
  4. Offer various types of games (Sports, Virtual Sports, E-Sports, KENO, and so on.)
  5. Support more than 6000 live broadcasts of sports matches for free every month
  6. Exclusive responsive web design which let players adjust game lobby size freely
  7. Multiple country’s KENO
  8. The most diverse sports betting methods (HDP, OU, HT/FT, Odd/Even, and so on.)

MAXBET(Nova88 IBCbet) Top 3 Popular Game Types

After having changed the name to MAXBET, we can see the high effort in innovative from the view of more game types has ever been created. What kinds of exciting games can you find on MAXBET? We’ve listed them down and let’s see if it meet all your needs!

MAXBET Game Type Top #1: SPORTS

  • Including Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, and so on
  • Allow instant bet
  • Various types of betting and odd


  • Including Soccer, Horse Racing, Greyhound, Motorsports, and so on
  • 1 game every 3 minutes
  • 24 hour/ 365 days betting service

MAXBET Game Type Top #3: KENO

  • MAX KENO 2 provides fast winning opportunity
  • More than 12+ national KENO only served on MAXBET
  • Every 45 seconds a game(Fast game ever!)

MAXBET(Nova88 IBCbet) Top 3 Popular Game Types

MAXBET offers all kinds of games, from IBCbet to MAXBET, the utmost valued game by players is the Sports bet. MAXBET having the most up to date and vast sports bet for players. If you are a sport fan, you absolutely can’t miss out using MAXBET to have bet.
You can choose the betting methods below and bet odd to enhance your bet and win big!

Odd / Even
First Goal / Last Goal
Correct Score
Mix Parlay
Total Goal

Bet in iBIT SPORTS to Enjoy the Same High Quality as MAXBET(Nova88 IBCbet)

If you had decent gambling experience in MAXBET, we also recommend you to iBIT SPORT sport betting platform. iBIT SPORT used the same core as MAXBET, providing more than thousands of live matches every month. Moreover, we also constantly provide certain period of matches bet, such as: FIFA World Cup, Winter Olympic, Summer Olympic, EPL, UEFA, and so on. iBIT SPORT offers up to 5 types of odds, including Indonesia Odds, America Odds, European Odds, China / Hong Kong Odds, Malay Odds, players can switch to different odds according to their habit. There are many kind features that deeply loved by our players in iBIT Sport platform. In conclusion, we highly recommend you to go iBIT SPORT to experience the fun from sport bet!

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