Malaysia’s PT live casino entertainment Introduction

PT (Playtech) was founded in 1999. With more than 20 years of accumulated experiences and self-improvement, PT has built quite a fan-base and became one of the popular game providers as well as one of the market leaders in the online gambling industry. PT provides a broad range of games, up to 500 types or more, which includes all kinds of sports events and sports betting, a collection of classic popular video games, and fair live casino games. PT continues to conduct researches and develop new games. You can find out more about PT live game hall in the following.

The most professional PT live Sic bo dealer

Sic bo is available in many live game halls. But in PT live game hall, Sic bo is taken to another level. When you enter the Sic bo game room, you will see a TV screen on the wall. Other than rolling the dice, the dealer will analyze the current round through the TV screen. It gives a sense of professionalism and a whole new experience like the players have never seen in other game halls before.

In each round, the dealer will explain the current betting situation, including the ratio between the bet numbers and the number of people betting on it, as well as the four most popular and unpopular bet numbers. This provides the players some information to refer to on their next round of betting.

When the dice are rolled automatically, the camera will switch from the dealer to the desktop. The close-up screen allows the players to see the dice-rolling process clearly until the dice are revealed. When the screen turns back to the dealer, the dealer will then explain the probability of the numbers appearing in every round. This gives a source of reference for the players who like to analyze the odds.


4 reasons why players prefer PT live game hall!

PT (Playtech) is trading on the main market of the London Stock Exchange and is the world’s largest online games provider. Since its establishment in 1999, PT continues to provide and develop online games of the best qualities. They have since successfully established strong partnerships with many game operators.


Extensive servicing range

PT has set up offices in 17 different areas around the world, providing more than 5000 career opportunities. They have operating licenses in about 140 different countries and they continue to expand their business domain.

Cross-platform management system

PT uses the IMS system to unify and manage all the information, allowing the players to access and play games from different platforms using the same account. The game operators can acquire game-related data from the IMS system as references and the basis for the customization of the future game products, thereby making the players more loyal.

Game products and software solutions

The product software of PT can be integrated into a cross-platform, letting players access to online, broadcast, mobile devices, and gaming terminal with just one account. The online games available include online live casino, poker, bingo, sports betting, live games, fixed odds games and many more. There are more than 500 games offered by PT and 50 types of new games are launched annually.

Company strategies and visions

PT is devoted to providing the best online games and services to all the players and the collaborated partners on all the platforms. Their visions are to eliminate their customers’ technical obstacles and put their business partners at the forefront of the industry with their universal products, platform, and content.


Understanding more about PT live casino games

PT live game hall has live Baccarat, live Blackjack, live two-table Roulette, live Sic bo and other exciting live games for the players to choose from. The screen of the live games is clear and smooth, giving an atmosphere as real as the land-based casino that you would have visited.


This Roulette uses a real dealer and a real Roulette table. The game rules are in line with European standards. The players can choose different tables according to their preferences. In different Roulette tables, the fashion of the dealers and the decoration of the game halls display distinctions. Besides, the betting options are slightly different across different tables too!


Each Blackjack game table requires eight decks of cards. One for every seven players and the dealer. The players can choose the tables according to their likings. Different tables have different characteristics. Other than the common English-speaking dealers, they have Japanese-speaking dealers too. This gives the players more options to go for when they are choosing their tables.


The hottest casino game is, of course, Baccarat. The Baccarat uses eight decks of cards, there are also beautiful dealers dealing the cards in each table. Here on PT, you get to play different types of Baccarat games, such as commission-free, dragon tiger, Suzaku, and many other Baccarat games. The betting styles are pretty diverse too. Moreover, the dealers will greet you enthusiastically when you enter the table!

Dragon Tiger

Dragon tiger is well-loved by many players because of the easy gameplay and user-friendly rules. The players need to bet on one side, either the dragon or the tiger, whichever side has the highest point wins. The smallest point being the Ace and the largest point being the King. The card suit does not affect the card points. Other than the basic gameplay, there is another gameplay where players can guess the card points, whether it is big or small and single or double.

Sic bo

The rules to Sic bo are quite simple. It only utilizes 3 dice, but the styles of betting are very versatile. After each round in of PT’s Sic bo, the dealer will explain on the probabilities of the numbers appearing as well as the most and least popular betting numbers as a point of reference for the players.

The most professional PT live casino entertainment in i8 Online Casino Malaysia

i8 is one of the largest Malaysia online entertainment city. They joined forces with the competent PT live gaming platform, providing the players with the best and most trustworthy online gaming platform. i8 and PT’s mutual goal is to present the players with the best gaming experiences under continuous innovation. They aim to make the players linger longer and more often when they visit the game hall. Join i8 today and experience the diversity of the games. You will not regret it!

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Other than the trusted PT game hall, you can find many emerging game halls on i8, such as XPG. The games that were developed by the dozens of betting experts proved to be incredibly successful due to their immense experience and hard work integrated with the upper hand of the network technology. Together, PT and XPG created an online gaming platform that is fair, just, and safe for all the players.

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